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Hi all,

i am interested for the licence a droit en distance. As my french skills are not yet good, can i please ask you

1. how many courses/modules a student must take each year?

2. how are you examined? do you send your computer work?

3. how do you get the material to read?

If you have to work it is not really easy to have 16 courses a year and go to the city to do the exam...

Merci beaucoup

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"Humanity have failed"
Licence 1

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First, what is the name of the organisation which purpose this curriculum ?

you are in "licence" 1, 2 or 3 ?

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Excusez le niveau d'anglais, mais c'est un forum francophone ^^

1) Combien de cours par ans ?
2) Mode d'examen ? Par ordinateur ?
3) Pas sûr : Où trouve-t-on les cours ?

Cas du cumul cours et travail (je suppose à temps complet ?), et difficulté d'aller aux examens en présentiel.

1) I suppose that u want to know how many courses (subjects) u have in a year ? This type of licence is exactly the same as a licence where u go in classroom. So u can look on "normal" program. It's about 7 subjects every 6 month (in hour : 3x36hours, 2x24hours and 2x18hours... without "TD".)

2)We are examined in a room, so i think it's not possible to do it on computer at home...
But, TD (travaux dirigés, which are "homeworks") are sent by computer.

3)Courses and documents are available on university website, with login u will have before u registered.


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